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New! Free Sheet Music Arrangement: Piano Theme from Pokémon Violet and Scarlet

Nicholas Carroll, Composer 

Nicholas is prolific composer of piano solos and sacred choral and vocal solo pieces.  His most notable pieces and recordings are detailed below.

Prayers for Piano

Released August 3, 2022, this collection of evocative piano solos features Nicholas Carroll's skill as a composer and a pianist.  14 all original compositions take the listener on a peaceful and meaningful sound journey.

Available on all streaming sites (Apple, Spotify, Amazon, etc.) and to purchase directly from Nicholas as a physical CD.

Apple Music:


Spotify: Spotify – Prayers for Piano


and many more!

Scripture Songs for Small Choirs and Solo Singers

Now available to purchase on

This collection is written for churches with small choirs. Effort has been made to place the musical burden on the pianist/accompanist and not the singers. The goal in this collection is to create unique, scripturally sound, useful, and fresh songs for use in Worship. Most of the pieces use original melodies, however, “Shepherd’s Song” uses a combination of original tunes with the theme from Beethoven’s Pastoral Symphony’s Shepherd’s Song. “Jesus in the Wilderness” makes use of the traditional tune, “Scarborough Fair”, as well as some original themes. 

Christmas in Somerset Piano Solo Album:

Available on iTunes:


Google Play:

Amazon Music:

Physical Edition:


$10.00  CD (limited quantities available) 

Available at the Studio during business hours.

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