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Piano Keys
Hands girl playing piano

  Lessons Tailor Made for YOU  

Why choose Nicholas Carroll as  your Piano Teacher?

1. Nicholas Carroll is a music lover, a living example of the value of music education.  There is no better way to learn to read and enjoy music than learning to play the piano. 


2. Nicholas is a pianist: learning from a skilled pianist and educator is essential regardless of the level of the student.  Fingering and other nuances that can only be taught by a skilled pianist/teacher are often the difference between success and frustration. 

3. Nicholas has experience.  Nicholas has been teaching piano professionally for over 10 years.  


4. Nicholas has a belief that all people can succeed at the piano and can use it as a means to enjoy all types of music. 


More information about Nicholas is available in the, "About" page.  



  How it works: 

Piano lessons are scheduled once a week at the same time each week.  Sessions are half an hour in length and take place at the studio.  There is a waiting room provided for parents, siblings, and friends.  Students of all ages and skill levels are accepted, and are taught any genre of music.  Lessons can be given to suit either a very serious advanced player or a casual player. 

Lessons at Nicholas Carroll Piano Studio are completely comprehensive and incorporate music theory, scales, chord structure, note reading, aural theory, etc. as is appropriate for the students age and/or skill level.  Piano lessons are meant to be fun, but are also rewarding and challenging, therefore a variety of repertoire will be taught to students including popular and/or sacred music. (or whatever type of music they especially would like to learn). 

An annual recital at Trinity Lutheran Church is provided for students who wish to participate at no additional cost.

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