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Why Piano?

In a world filled with so many activities and busy schedules why choose piano?

Piano is fair.

Everyone knows "life isn't fair".  Piano provides something that always gives back fairly what you give.  Very few things in life can boast that!

Piano is fun.

From learning new pieces to learning your favorites, piano allows you to be your own ensemble.

Piano is for everyone.

You do not need to be "talented" to learn piano.  There is no barrier other than what you devote.

Piano is perseverance.

Piano is concentration.

Piano is self-expression.

Piano is discipline.

Piano is rewarding.

Piano is always there.


Why learn from a teacher one on one?

Technology offers a lot of new options for learning an instrument.  From website subscriptions, DIY books, Ipad apps, or even youtube videos, people are trying all sorts of ways to learn piano in a new way.  While some of these are quite entertaining and can be a valuable supplement, none of these methods will truly teach you to read music or to express YOURSELF.  There is nothing that can replace making your own music and no method can help you learn this way better than having YOUR own teacher.  You will receive Nicholas's undivided attention and care.

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